The Dead Deads Live Album “The Dead Shall Dance” Drop XXmas Day!

Always the ones to gift their fans with more more more, The Dead Deads opted to make their new live record even more special by releasing it on December 25th!  The new album includes versions of three unreleased tracks from their forthcoming album, as well as a dozen old favorites.  The band is launching a new web store on December 15th, so pre-orders begin on the “10th day of XXMAS!”



The Lovable Wolf Sisters Are BACK!

For years they have scurried around in the dark corners of the musical comedy scene playing in dives bars from Los Angeles to Orlando and three or four other places in between…mostly Murfreesboro.  They’ve been on hiatus ever since the catastrophic event of Mandy being all, “let’s chill on the Wolf Sisters thing for a while.”  Now they are back for a special one night performance at Mad Donna’s in East Nashville on November 6th.  This is a must-see.


Leticia Wolf Shimmers at The Family Wash

In one of her most intimate performances to date, Leticia took the stage with Jace Everett (“Bad Things” and “Your Man”) for a five song set, and then immediately followed that with another six song set accompanied by ivory romancing keys-man John Gentile.  In both sets the energy exchanged between Leticia and her accompanists was clearly visible.

Longtime fans of Leticia’s music got to see a different side of this artist as she took the stage empty-handed (except for a small glass of bourbon) and focused all of her attention on communicating with the captivated audience.

Look for another Family Wash set like this around the holidays, as well as the highly anticipated EP on Tishimon Records.

Photos by Annie Clark

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The Dead Deads Pre-tour Press Release

Fewer bands work harder than East Nashville’s hard rock hustlers The Dead Deads. In less than a year they’ve gone from a “for fun” side project to what many industry insiders are calling “the real deal” and “the most refreshing band on the scene.” Some of their biggest supporters are rock royalty like Chuck Garric of Alice Cooper and Tom Petersson of Cheap Trick.
“I don’t care where you live you must go see this band The Dead Deads. I felt like I walked into CBGB 1979 the way rock used to be! The Dead Deads are the real deal,” said Garric.
Petersson spoke to documentarian John Hamlin about the band saying, “I recently saw The Dead Deads play live. I watched the entire set. I have not watched the entire set of a band in 20 years. I’m a true fan and look forward to following their successes.”
Grammy-winning band Halestorm agrees, and has invited the grunge-rock girls to be their support on their latest tour saying they felt “privileged to have them along for the ride.” Lzzy Hale said, “Musically, there is no one else like them. They are amazing and genuine people and they rock.”
The Dead Deads are self-made. In the short time that they’ve been an official band, they’ve self-released a self-titled EP, a 7” vinyl single, and a full length album “Rainbeau,” not to mention two music videos and tons of other online content all managed and promoted by their popular and well-trafficked social media sites.
The tour with Halestorm is just the beginning for these humble rising stars who have now shifted their agenda from simply “writing whatever we want” in the basement to “blow off steam,” to something much bigger. Says singer Doomy Dead, “We love the idea that five girls in a basement having nerdy loud fun could accidentally create magic that makes an impact. Together we are more than ourselves and we are really starting to see the effect of that. We are so grateful for each other and for the people out there sharing our music and making this dream possible.”
For a full list of tourdates or to purchase/preview their debut album “Rainbeau,” go to