It’s a Miracle!

I’ve been writing up a storm. Here’s what it sounds like!


Here are all your things
Not much that’s shiny or new
This is what time brings
I wrapped it up for you
in a nice little package with no strings
what else could you want? why don’t you take it from me?

Feels like the end
This time truly deeply sweetly the end
Let’s not pretend
Don’t get me dreamy, weepy have ya sleeping over again
don’t press send. keep it to yourself don’t softly whisper
what has been. once a friend. bigger picture.

You’re a miracle
Projected on my wall
Turn the lights down low
Watch a picture show
You’re a miracle
You’re the ghost in the hall
Body lost at sea
Still feels real to me…………………Shit. you forgot your keys

You must be drunk
waited so long outside, sitting on your trunk
guess its just my luck
i don’t give out and you don’t give up
christmas and new year’s on the way
let’s not be lonely…let’s just wait
say the thing i want to hear you say

We’re a miracle
or we’re nothing at all
Turn the lights down low
watch the whole thing glow
We’re a miracle
won’t ever break from the fall
hold the glasses high
toast to just tonight

when its light outside….it might hurt our eyes


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