Brand New Music from Leticia Wolf’s COINSHIP #PLEDGEGIVIT


As most of you know, at Tishimon Records, which yes, involves a couple people more than just myself these days, we always love to support up and coming music industry companies that are seeking to help the artist discover a new way to deliver their music to the fans.  That’s why we love start-ups like Artist Growth, PledgeMusic, and many others.  When we heard about an app called GIVIT that lets you edit video clips on your phone and put them to music, we were smitten.  Mandy and I made this video for a contest conducted by GIVIT and PledgeMusic to try to win some money for us and our charity, and a chance to perform on sxsw.


The contest is still on, so if you liked our video, but think you can do better, DO IT!  Get on twitter and check in at the #pledgegivit hashtag and you’ll find what you need.  Yeah, we want to win, but we’d also love to see one of our friends win as well!  AND, like I said, we love spreading the word about cool apps like this one.


In fact, this app is so cool, I smell a contest brewing for the album release, maybe a fan-sourced music video?  Mmmm…the possibilities are endless.


Anyway, please share this video with your friends and help us get lots of views so that we can win this contest and get more $$ for our travel to sxsw and our pledgemusic charity!


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