Leticia Wolf Shimmers at The Family Wash

In one of her most intimate performances to date, Leticia took the stage with Jace Everett (“Bad Things” and “Your Man”) for a five song set, and then immediately followed that with another six song set accompanied by ivory romancing keys-man John Gentile.  In both sets the energy exchanged between Leticia and her accompanists was clearly visible.

Longtime fans of Leticia’s music got to see a different side of this artist as she took the stage empty-handed (except for a small glass of bourbon) and focused all of her attention on communicating with the captivated audience.

Look for another Family Wash set like this around the holidays, as well as the highly anticipated EP on Tishimon Records.

Photos by Annie Clark

12111999_912405658795743_8203555692964808953_n 12108791_912405272129115_22212500312234108_n


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