Leticia Wolf is Writing a New Solo Record. Maybe. We’ll see…

Here’s a video of Tish back at it. She’s writing for a new solo acoustic record set to release Fall 2018.

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Behind the Scenes

This video is really cute.  Shot by my sis Mandy Wolf at Club Roar, it just shows us making the record and hanging out.  It gives you a nice sense of the vibe of the studio.  It’s a pretty awesome place.

It’s a Miracle!

I’ve been writing up a storm. Here’s what it sounds like!


Here are all your things
Not much that’s shiny or new
This is what time brings
I wrapped it up for you
in a nice little package with no strings
what else could you want? why don’t you take it from me?

Feels like the end
This time truly deeply sweetly the end
Let’s not pretend
Don’t get me dreamy, weepy have ya sleeping over again
don’t press send. keep it to yourself don’t softly whisper
what has been. once a friend. bigger picture.

You’re a miracle
Projected on my wall
Turn the lights down low
Watch a picture show
You’re a miracle
You’re the ghost in the hall
Body lost at sea
Still feels real to me…………………Shit. you forgot your keys

You must be drunk
waited so long outside, sitting on your trunk
guess its just my luck
i don’t give out and you don’t give up
christmas and new year’s on the way
let’s not be lonely…let’s just wait
say the thing i want to hear you say

We’re a miracle
or we’re nothing at all
Turn the lights down low
watch the whole thing glow
We’re a miracle
won’t ever break from the fall
hold the glasses high
toast to just tonight

when its light outside….it might hurt our eyes

Where is the next Leticia Wolf record?!

Once upon a time, I was an artist. I made music because I had to–because it was just in me to do so. There have been a lot of obstacles, stumbling blocks, divine interventions, manic conundrums, and curveballs that have sent my art, sometimes spinning, in a variety of directions over the last few years. Those of you that follow my career closely, have had an eye out for a new record for two years now. Where is it? What happened? I’ve been fielding a lot of questions recently about why I “won’t” record a new album or why I’m not releasing songs like “Love in L.A.” or recording songs like “Deathbed.”

Well, I’m going to tell you. Several years ago, I signed a recording contract and a separate publishing deal with a company called EchoXS. They were a young company, and I was their first artist. I became friends with the two guys that started the company and trusted them implicitly. They believed in me fiercely and knew that I could write and record an album that they would be proud to put out. I did. It was called “The Fire and the Flood.” To date, it is my proudest work and I poured literal blood, sweat and tears, along with black eyes, cancers and foreclosures, deaths and addictions into that record. It didn’t end up sounding like the record I thought I would record when I signed with them, but it sounded beautiful and we were all very proud of it.

Very long story short, the record didn’t get the love and attention it should have. Blame that on me for not blogging/vlogging/promoting it enough, or blame it on the label for not getting it the proper promo, airplay and press, or blame it on the record for just not being good enough or mainstream enough, but for one reason or another, it didn’t produce the response that EchoXS was looking for.

At this point, the guys at EchoXS had me demo my entire back catalog of over 150 songs and they copyrighted and entered all of that material into their working catalog. Although we moved forward into EP 2 and Album 2 for the last two years, in February, EchoXS decided to end our relationship and set me free to pursue whatever type of musical career I wanted to. However, they retained control of my entire catalog. They did offer to sell me this catalog for what they have in me as an artist, but that amount is well over what I could currently afford to pay them. Having decided not to attempt to purchase my catalog from them, they have expressed to me, that they currently do not wish for me to record or release any complete song from my catalog. They also decided not to release the finished EP or songs from the second album at this time.

So…as you see, that is a tough one. I felt kind of confused about what to do. I was happy that they were setting me free, because there was so much I wanted to do outside of “the songwriter Leticia Wolf” umbrella, but I was overwhelmed by the idea that everything I had ever written in my entire life now was not truly mine anymore. I felt kind of sad that EchoXS had decided not to release my second album or EP, but I understood their reasons for making that decision. I also felt disappointed, as many of you now feel, that songs like “Love in L.A” and “The New Black” will not be released, and I don’t have the opportunity at this point to re-record them for you. I assume that at some time in the future, I would be able to license these songs from EchoXS to put on a new album, but currently, they have asked me to only release brand new material and not attempt to re-release anything they control. Perhaps they have something cool up their sleeves like a holiday release of this stuff, or maybe it will get used for another artist, or any number of other things like TV placements or movies. Not sure!

As it stands now, I am in heavy, full throttle creation mode. I am trying to write a beautiful “Leticia Wolf” solo record as fast as I can. I will have to record it myself, and I’m sure it won’t have near the polish of “The Fire and the Flood.” Mark Hornsby’s work on that record is incomparable. However, it will have as much love and fire as I hold in my heart and guts and I will have it out to you all as soon as I possibly can.

I can’t even begin to express how much it means to me that my music touches you and you want to hear more. I never started writing songs to “make it.” I won’t ever stop writing songs because I didn’t “make it.” I write songs because its what I do to express myself, show my love, stay sane, make my friends laugh and cry, and because its what I do best. Thank you for your continued support and just know that I don’t take one show you come to, or t-shirt you buy, or kind word you say for granted.

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Much love to all of you!

One of my favorite songs

I had the opportunity to see Lambchop at the VFW with close friends and fans of the band.  It was truly one of the most incredible shows I’ve ever seen.  So quiet, and so powerful.  Here is my attempt at my favorite Lambchop song.

“Hear From Me” Lyrics

This is one of my favorite songs that I’ve ever written.  I just think the cadence is tight and the metaphors and word play are somewhere in the neighborhood of my best.  See what you think:

I don’t mean to bring you down, so I can’t really bring you up

Just the very mention of your name forms a fuzzy kind of pain that fills every corner of my heart up.

It wasn’t mean of you…to hold me like you meant to

But it was something I got used to.  Now it’s sad to sleep without you.

So you won’t hear from me…for a little while.

You won’t hear from me…I gotta find my own way to smile.

I never meant to tie you down.  I just meant to tie you up.

Burn your body with my stare, scratch your back and pull your hair and tear every corner of your room up.

And it was good with you.  Your bed was easy to fall in to.  But it kind of made me want to fall in love too.

That seems like a lot to ask of you.

So you won’t hear from me…for a little while.

You won’t hear from me…I need to find my own way to smile.

I got a lot of books to read.  I’ll develop a philosophy.  I got a lot of plans to make.

They tell me at this point I should avoid many more mistakes.

They tell me I always fall for the kind that just ride the brakes.

Maybe that’s exactly what it takes

So you won’t hear from me for a little while.  No, you won’t hear from me…for a little while.

You are dear to me…you’re a kiss gone wild.

Won’t you wait for me til I find my own way to smile.