“The Clue” Benefit for Andy Elliot

This was so great because I was singing this song and there were several people in the audience that I had written it about/for.  That made me really FEEL it, ya know?  Don’t Benjarve’s drums sound good?!



This is a song about cancer.  It’s a song about loss.  It’s the favorite of Doug Brown, the sound man at this club, so we did it by request and Nicolas Gold, the amazing cellist that he is, just jammed it.  Yes, there are cellists that jam.  He is the best!  I wrote this for my grandmother.  She was such a fun lady and she asked that I laugh on her deathbed.

A Vandal’s High

This was one I wrote after seeing my buddy Channing play a song about meth at Blue Bar.  I was thinking….It’s been a while since I wrote a song about drugs.  So the line “it’s been a while” ended up in the song.  Huh!  What do ya know?