Fresh off the Shaming…I wrote a song in 5.

Here is a slideshow of some pics from us doing The Shaming of the True.   The music is a demo I made today of a song I wrote on the plane last night coming home from the show.  It was an hour of heavy turbulence and was perfect inspiration for a song.  This song is inspired by the conversations, sounds and sights of rehearsing and performing The Shaming of the True.


Here are the lyrics:

Lightning in the sky

Lightning in the sky

Will it bring me down next to you

When I fly

Bring me down like you do

When I try

You don’t know my name

You don’t know my name

Still you call to me call to me

Just the same

You call to me call to me


Sometimes life is like that.  Sometimes life is like that.

You don’t understand.

You don’t understand.

But you sing to me songs in three

like a fan

Cool me off with your breeze

like a fan.

Why should I explain

Why should I explain

How it feels to dive in a plane

in the rain

Cuz now we’re here and we’re the same


Sometimes life is just that.  Sometimes life defies fact.

Flying home, I looked out my window to see the lightning rip a hole into the sky

As we fell down, my only thought was I didn’t hold you long enough when last we said goodbye

Oh flying, on my way home, are these the kind of thoughts that people have before they die?

All I wonder as I fall down is did I hold you long enough when we said goodbye.